What is a Mobile App?

An app is simply a computer program that runs on a platform such as the iPad or iPhone (or other smart phones such as Blackberries) that enables you do a specific task such as shop on eBay, read magazine content or more importantly enable you to bet online.

Apps for the iPad/iPhone are downloaded through the Apple Store (App Store) and for the betting market are usually free. Apps are really designed for punters and customers to use on the move and that is particularly the case for the betting apps which are becoming increasingly popular. Betting apps from bookmakers offer customers a condensed and easy to use version of their main website, which is formatted to fit a mobile device like an IPhone or an Android handset.

Some of the UK and Ireland's leading online bookmakers such as Paddy Power and Ladbrokes have developed Apps that will enable you to log on quickly to your account, check the odds for your desired market and then place bets. With more Apps becoming available over the coming months it really is a booming market at the moment and we aim to tell you which are the best ones.

Mobile Sports Betting Apps

Since the explosion of mobile apps over the past few years a number of bookmakers have taken advantage of that trend and have released an all singing all dancing app for their company. Some of the major online and high street bookmakers like Paddy Power and Ladbrokes have brought out very successful mobile apps, while another major player in the App market are Bluesquare who have an excellent IPhone Betting App.

IPhone Mobile Betting Apps

The IPhone really was the handset which started the apps craze and it continues to be the market leader when it comes to smart phones. The IPhone Betting Apps are perhaps the most comprehensive and wide ranging with the Apple phone the most popular among many punters. The Iphone has managed to corner the market in terms of ease of use and style, which plays directly into the hands of the online bookmakers who are looking to develop a mobile betting service.

Android Betting Apps

As well as the IPhone there are other top class smart phones that are on the market with most of them relying on the up and coming Android operating system. The Android is an alternative to those of you out there who shy away from the Apple products, and there are a number of betting apps also on offer to Android customers. The majority of bookmakers with mobile apps on the IPhone also have an Android Betting Apps to run alongside it making it available to the widest possible audience. At the moment the Android phone is increasing in popularity and is now hot on the heels of the IPhone.

Why Should You Use One?

Well the answer is simple you don't always carry your bulky computer around with you, even it is just a laptop, and even if you did you can't always get Internet access.

However the iPad weighs just a little more than a book and with it you can connect to the internet almost anywhere if you have a nice 3G connection. How many times have you been at the game wishing you had backed a player to bag the first goal well thanks to Apps you can do this. Whether you use it on the iPad or iPhone your bet can be placed in seconds making it the future of sports betting going forward. It is clear that the Mobile Betting Apps are much more conducive to the mobile phone with punters looking for a quick and easy way to bet on the move with a number of different bookmakers.